Sunday, 24 March 2019

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Romanywg, a.k.a Jeremy Gibbs, undoubtedly lives up to the label thats been attached to him. Described by some as a 'customizing legend', Gibbs is actually a feature film editor by day and a limited edition print collector by night. Having studied an art foundation for 2 years and graphics for 2 years, Romanywg came from a customizing vinyl toy background, where street artists painted and made limited edition toys.


He took up customising 'Qees' (3-D canvas, in the shape of a designer toy), after making one for his wife as a Christmas present in 2004. Within the past 6 months, he has moved onto to creating something of a quiet storm by customising busts of well known people such as Queen Victoria and Beethoven, with the bondage theme creeping heavily into his creations. "Bondage is such a strong image, I'm sure that most people find it intriguing, either in a shocking or stimulating way," explained Romanywg. "I've used it in a very tongue in cheek fashion. I've watched people come into the exhibition room at the 12 days of Christmas show in Bristol and as soon as they saw the 3 Queens in S&M, it more often than not raised a smile."

Why Queen Victoria? Romanywg stumbled upon a bust of Victoria, to which he started adding gas masks and other bits to. "With the triptych 'See no, hear no, speak no evil' I carved away the necklace and hair, and gave her fancy gimp masks fit for a queen," he continued. "I also added some belts and fastenings around her 'bondage style'. The first 'Queen Victoria' was homage to James Cauty (who first put Queen Victoria in a gas mask). She was exhibited alongside Jimmy Caughtys and Jamie Reids work at A.M.U.T.I (aquaium ministry for the unsigned talentless and ill informed) Gallery in central London."

When it comes to sculpting materials, Romanywg works with 'Milliput'. 'Milliput' is putty that hardens within 30 minutes, which allows time for Romanywg to manipulate it. As a warning to any would be sculptures who wish to follow in Romanywgs footsteps, apparently prolonged usage could ruin the nerves in your fingertips. So be warned!  However, Romanywg does recommend the 'Kidrobot' customising help forum ( for those wanting advice on customizing. 




He sites some of his artistic inspirations as being Basquiat, Alexander Calder, Arman (Armand Fernandez) and Micheal Lau. "Inspiration comes from everywhere. Just walking around Soho, people watching, window shopping, reading books and looking though magazines", he explained. "I would love to work with Adam Neat because he makes great use of found objects in his paintings. It would be great to collaborate with him on a few large scultures." So hey Adam, if you catch wind of this, get in touch with Romanywg...

With the sculpturing being a part time hobby for Romanywg, that has attracted more attention than he initially imagined, he hasn't got any forthcoming exhibitions planned for the near future. "I have been approached by a few people, either wanting to show my work or represent me," he explained, "but right now, I just want to  do it in my own time, at my own pace. No pressure."

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